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Meet the founder

Fresh Pickle is the brainchild of our founder, Lee. An avid (but mediocre) tennis player, she often spent more time shopping for tennis clothes and accessories than practicing her serves (😊)! She took up Pickleball in 2022 and immediately saw the draw of the sport for all levels of athletes and ages. Playing recreationally 2-3 times/week, one of the first accessories she searched for was a pickleball bag that met her requirements of both style and function. The idea for Fresh Pickle was born!

Our first product, the LOLA bag was developed in 2022. Lola is the family 12 year old goldendoodle who has provided love and laughter for Lee and the family through the years, and is often described as “the favorite child” by her other kids!

A two-time cancer survivor, Lee is constantly reminded of the joys that life brings, never to take yourself too seriously, strive to develop lasting relationships, and choose to do something that you love. Fresh Pickle has been a labor of love and it is her/our hope that our products will bring smiles to the faces of anyone who loves to play pickleball!